Causes of short-circuit wall switch socket2023-09-15

To see whether there is a mark after the metrological certification of the national technical supervision department, the testing unit is qualified to test only after the metrological certification, and the report presented by it has legal effect.

Check the date of issue. At present, China's building materials production enterprises in testing, basically according to the "indoor decoration materials harmful substances limit" 10 standards.

See if the tested product has the same name and specifications as the purchased product. Some manufacturers may produce dozens of building materials at the same time, and various product formulations and production processes are different, and their harmful substance content is not the same.

During the installation of the lamp base, the wire is twisted together by twisting the lamp base, or the exposed core is too much, and the short circuit is caused by touching the other end after spreading.

Improper installation of the switch, especially when the switch is installed on a combustible object, the sheath is scraped at the lead out of the wire, so that the wire core is exposed or water vapor infiltrates, the switch is improperly installed, or the electrical movement of the switch when the switch is disconnected causes a fire. If the power distribution board is not in the box, hot metal particles will splash down when the fuse is blown, causing the fuel below to burn. When the combustible gas used in the home is leaked due to the pipeline or valve, the combustible gas is mixed with the air to reach the explosion Zha, and the electrical switch without the arc extinguishing device is opened and closed, and sparks will be generated, causing a fire or explosion.