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Zhejiang Songny Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Songny Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd is a non-regional group enterprise which was founded in 1985 with 5 affiliated factories in Wenzhou, Shanghai and other places in China. The company mainly engaged in manufacturing wall switches, sockets, plugs, circuit breakers, exhaust fans and other lighting control system products such as energy saving bulbs, halogen lamps and waterproof lamps.

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Type of switch socket

Common switch sockets are single control switch, double control switch, delay switch, infrared induction switch, voice switch and so on.Purchase points: According to the room space lighting, electrical…

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Causes of short-circuit wall switch socket

To see whether there is a mark after the metrological certification of the national technical supervision department, the testing unit is qualified to test only after the metrological certification, an…

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